These new paintings show us underwater figures framed by windows.  
This is the first time Win Zibeon has painted his children.

  • Elbow Room shows us a girl executing a handstand in the swimming pool behind a white window frame so real we don't believe it is painted until we see it sideways.  She is in an intense blueness which separates her from us.

  • The girl is painted again in Deep See where she swims right up to the window.  This time the frame is wooden and doesn't seem to exist for her as it doesn't really exist for us.

  • It is in Two-Piece that we have to confront (perhaps uncomfortably) the voyeur in ourselves, because this time, a girl is kneeling in the pool wearing a bikini.  We can't see her head but her body is framed by the unusual wooden window and distorted by the pool's blue lens.

  • The Rain Not Spain, Seen Mainly Through The Pane depicts a boy floating towards us, perhaps challenging his watchers.  Is it the same boy swimming by as a fish would in an aquarium, in the painting Mystery?

  • Arms and The Man is an underwater self-portrait of the bald artist.  The sun's reflections through the water play in patterns upon his skin making it almost appear to be transparent.



Zibeon says, "If I have been successful, as a result of seeing my paintings, the viewer will see something familiar in a completely new way."


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